Part D Prescription Drug Plans

You can sign up for Part D Prescription Drug Plans, which helps cover prescription drug costs, along with other components of Medicare starting three months before your 65th birthday.

It's important to do this on time because there's a permanent premium surcharge for enrolling more than three months after your 65th birthday (or getting your Part A of Medicare) if you don't have equivalent drug coverage (aka: Credible Drug Coverage, as good as Medicare) from another source, such as a retiree plan.

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If you are already enrolled in a Part D "standalone" plan or a Medicare Advantage plan that incorporates drug coverage, you can switch plans during the open-enrollment period, which runs from Oct. 15 to Dec. 7 every year.

There are 2 ways to get Part D Drug Coverage

1. With a Stand-Alone Part D Drug Plan, offered through private Insurance companies contracted and approved by Medicare as a Part D Sponsor.  You must have Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance)and/or Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance) to join a separate Part D drug plan.

2. With a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C) or other Medicare Health Plan that includes drug coverage.  You get all your Part A, Part B, and drug coverage, through these plans.  These too, are private insurance companies with a Medicare contract and are an approved Part D Sponsor.  Remember, you must have Part A and Part B to join a Medicare Advantage plan, and not all of these plans offer drug coverage.


To join a Medicare drug plan, Medicare Advantage Plan, or other Medicare Health Plan with drug coverage, you must be a United States citizen, or lawfully present in the United States.


Choosing a plan

It pays to review your Part D coverage every year, especially if you have started taking new drugs.

  • Start at, where you can find the basics about the benefit and Part D plans. There's a link to the Medicare Part D Plan Finder, which allows you to compare offerings and coverage options in your area and includes a helpful formulary finder that allows you to compare plans based on their coverage of your personalized list of drugs. It will even show you your monthly out-of-pocket drug cost for the year

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Getting financial help

Individuals with annual incomes of less than $20,628 and financial resources of up to $15,510, or married couples with incomes of less than $27,708 and financial resources of up to $30,950, might qualify for Extra Help from Medicare to pay their Part D premiums and out-of-pocket drug costs.

Download Medicare's instructions on applying for the Extra Help program.

Additionally, read about the six ways to lower your drug costs on

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